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With business operations in 51 markets across Europe, Asia, and North America, Nuskin Enterprises posted a company record in generated revenue of over a billion and half dollars the previous year and it’s on a consistent upward swing. Nuskin Enterprises is regarded as one of the most successful and reputable multi-level marketing company operating today and it deals in the development and distribution personal care and nutritional supplements products.

So What Is Nuskin Enterprises All About?

Nu Skin Enterprises was established and opened in Provo, Utah in 1984 initially founded as Nuskin International. The company expanded its first business out of the US in Canadian soil six years after and soon started extending its reach to other regions reaching Asia and Europe. By 1996, Nuskin Enterprises was born when the company enlisted on the New York Stock Exchange becoming a public company.

Nu Skin Review

Nu Skin Review

The success of Nuskin Enterprises which has allowed it to become a billion dollar company is due largely their business model which allows any individual to have the opportunity to earn money by becoming distributors and resellers of their various top quality products. Today, Nuskin Enterprises is composed of a 750,000 distributors and the number is still growing. This growth in membership can be attributed to the fact that they offer highly sellable quality products that focuses on skin and hair care.

There are two main brands under the their banner where their innovative products are being marketed, Nuskin and Pharmanex The Nuskin brand is the flagship brand for the enterprise and it develops and sells mainly personal care anti-aging products. The brand has a horde of offerings on their lineups developed for particular purposes for both men and women. You will find that the Nuskin brand has a number of personal care lines which consists of several products for specific face and body care therapy areas, such as the eyes, lips, mouth, hair, and much more. Some of the more popular Nuskin brand products include the ageLOC line, Galvanic Spa, Tru Face Essence Ultra, and their Epoch Product line, just to name a few.

Under the Pharmanex brand, you will find the company’s wellness and nutrition supplement lines of products designed to nourish and protect the body and help ward off the signs of aging. Catering to men and women alike, the Pharmanex nutrition supplements aid in protecting body cells from damages, support bone health, boost digestive health, improve the immune system, enhance the memory and mental capacity, weight management, and even for restoring sexual vitality. Examples of Pharmanex products that enjoy high customer demands are their AC shakes, kits, and AC complex for weight management, their ageLOC Vitality for promoting healthy YGC activity, anti-aging program LifePak Nano, and their nutrient bursting G3 juice derived from the South East Asia fruit known as Gac.

Another brand is the service oriented Blue Planet brand, a telecom and internet services business designed to support the vast number of distributors they have. These services are powerful and reliable business tools for communication allowing Nuskin distributors to have an easy and effective means of managing and transacting business. The Blue Planet Telecom offers functional and advance features that include providing distributors personal toll free numbers, superior call forwarding, high quality conference calling, seamless call transfers, team messaging, an integrated fax and voice mailbox account, and broadcast messaging, which are all easily managed and controlled through an easy to use online management tool installed on your computer. The same reliability and availability can be found on their Big Planet internet services. With highly acclaimed customer service, you get easy internet access, abundant web space, minimal downtime, and a host of other features available in flexible package plans.

So what about the Nuskin Compensation Plan?

There are two methods where a distributor can earn an income, first by selling the products ion a markup price after buying wholesale from the company, and second, by earning commissions through the sales of his downline or recruits as well as his own. A person can earn as much as 30% for each product when sold retail after buying from reduced wholesale prices. Building a downline of recruits will allow a distributor to earn more from his commissions especially if he is able to recruit many new distributors. These distributors can also add to the commission of their recruiter if they are able to make their own recruits and so on down the line, as the sales done by these recruits reserve a certain percentage as commission for their recruiters on the upper lines. So the more you recruit the more commission there is to expect.

So Is There A Nuskin Scam?

Hardly, this is a legitimate company that offers a great product line, along with a good solid compensation plan.  A good starting point for any MLM business entrepreneur.

However, one thing that you see time and time again with Nuskin distributors, or from any company for the matter is that they rely too much on touting how “great” their products are and not enough on what makes them unique versus others in the market place.  The “my products and MLM are better than yours” argument has really grown stale in this environment.

People have instant access to information on the internet and are specifically looking for solutions to their problems or pains, not hype and buzz.

Specifically, the vast majority of people turn to the internet for information on places such as search engines,, or social networking sites to gather information and facts for their problems, making online marketing the best way to connect with your customers, hands down.  Getting your content out there right in front of people actively looking for exactly the kind of solution you are offering is the quickest way to build a business.

If you’d like to learn more about how to build your Nuskin business online and generate up to 30+ free leads per day using nothing but the internet, fill out the form below with your name and email address to get instant access to 7 free days of cutting edge internet network marketing training.


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