Omnilife Review

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The Omnilife Review:  Getting to Know this Global MLM


Counted among the MLM brands of opportunities that has been creating quite a stir lately, Omnilife has shown a wide variety of reasons why many people across the globe has placed a tremendous amount of trust in their products and has willfully and confidently invested their time, money, and efforts, in their network. Established in 1991 in Mexico by businessman Jose Vergara, Omnilife has much to show for its nearly two decades of existence and it is very impressive.

Much like Herbalife, for which Vergara took inspiration for the Omnilife, this private Mexico based corporation deals with the development, production, manufacture, and sales of personal care, weight loss, and health products based on natural ingredients. The company’s success is evidenced by its growth from starting out as a single company to a group of companies today consisting of nineteen companies. Omnilife as a market present in 22 countries and there are more than 5 million independent distributors all over the world spreading the Omnilife brand and its products. And with annual sales missing the billion dollar mark by a strand, the company shows that it’s no pushover and it is a legitimate MLM business opportunity.

Omnilife Review

Omnilife Review

For a company to sustain its operations for two decades it need to have a product that people would want and desire, this means that they should be effective. Omnilife has been able to do this by offering a wide variety of products that complement each other and works well to promote overall personal health. Using the very latest and most advanced technology, employing the best minds in the industry, and constantly pursuing innovations, Omnilife has been able to constantly churn out better products each year ensuring the excellence and quality of their products.

Omnilife Products

Many of the Omnilife products that you see today consist of different forms like gels, creams, powdered drinks, capsules, and lots more. While Omnilife is more popularly known for their nutrition and weight loss products, they also offer other products under energy, beauty, and colon cleansing categories. Made from the finest natural ingredients and elements, paired with results and developments of continuous research, Omnilife has delivered high quality products year in and out for almost twenty years that people clamor for. Also, as an added bonus, and to help guide not only their customers but also their independent distributors, Omnilife offers plans and guides which can maximize the efforts of people that want to lose weight or have a healthier body and optimize the results they will achieve.

A person doesn’t just benefit from the results they will produce in using Omnilife products, but also have the opportunity to become a part of a network that has found homes in many countries all over the planet. As an independent distributor, you will have the opportunity to create an income generating commercial venture which doesn’t require a small fortune as an investment and rely on the experience, reputation, and stability of a global brand.

OmniLife Compensation Plan


Offering one the simpler compensation plans that are being utilized today, Omnilife eliminates the complexities which other MLM companies use and tend to confuse their independent distributors or affiliates. Straightforward and basically focused on the two main principles of multi-level marketing, which is direct selling and recruiting others to establish a distribution network, the Omnilife business model doesn’t complicate matters for their members. Retail selling and marketing is already hard enough, why make it even more difficult for the people who basically are the ones doing the selling for the company?

The fastest and most reliable means to generate income with Omnilife is through direct selling. Each new member automatically receives a 20 percent discount and s your level progresses, a 5 percent increment increase is provided until you reach the discount ceiling of 40 percent. Your distribution network on the other hand is the networking element which will eventually provide you with resources to produce consistent cash flow even if you don’t want to sell anymore. Omnilife offers lifetime royalties to their higher level members and for many small businessmen, this is a dream come true. The number of recruits that you make along with your volume of retail sales will be the basis for your level growth.

However, even while there is no Omnilife scam, it is imperative that you learn how to market effectively using direct response advertising techniques.  Those combined with the tremendous leverage provided by the internet  is the quickest way to grow your business.

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