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Combining two industries that generates trillions of dollars each year, Organo Gold has apparently stumbled upon a goldmine with their products, mainly, their organic gourmet coffee. Designed to cater the coffee market demand and the increasing clamor for health and wellness products, The company has successfully combined into one product a drink that will satisfy the coffee lover’s desire for their daily caffeine fix as well as the high nutrition our body requires regularly. This organo gold review will focus on both their product line, and compensation plan.

A network marketing business, Organo Gold was established in 2008 by one of the more highly successful network marketing experts today Bernardo Chua. A Filipino MLM veteran, Chua has been around for quite some time now starting as an executive for Gano Excel in the Philippines and was eventually tasked to expand the networks reach by promoting the company in Hong Kong, then to Canada, and eventually to the US where he became the president of Gano Excel USA. Teaming up with Shane Morand, Chua started the Organo Gold multilevel marketing company with the intent of developing and marketing nutritious gourmet coffee products using the ancient Chinese herb Ganoderma as one of its key ingredients.

organo gold review

organo gold review

With coffee being the world’s second most traded commodity and the second most consumed beverage, the company entered an industry that already has a well-established market and with their twist of blending nutritional value for wellness, yet another industry that has a trillion dollar market, has created a product that was able to combine the two industries creating their own niche market. Today, with its rapidly ever expanding network of distributors, they have market distributions in countries like Austria, Germany, Jamaica, the Netherlands, Peru, and the Philippines.

There are two major categories for the products that Organo Gold develop and markets. First is their beverage product line which includes the Gourmet Black Coffee, Gourmet Latte, Gourmet Mocha, and released on the start of 2010, is the new product, “The King of Coffee,” a premium coffee blend that has been infused with 100% certified Ganoderma spore powder extract. Aside from coffee, the beverage lineup also includes the Gourmet Organic Green Tea, for the tea drinker that wants the nutritional value derived from Ganoderma, and the Gourmet Hot Chocolate, which even the kids would enjoy. Like the coffee beverages, the tea and hot chocolate are especially formulated to deliver great aroma, taste, and flavor, and have all the nutritious benefits as well.

The second product category in the lineup is the Nutraceuticals product line. A nutrition supplement in capsule form, the Nutraceuticals lineup consist of the Ganoderma Lucidum, an overall health and wellness enhancer; the Ganodertma Lucidum Mycellium, for boosting the immune system; Ganoderma Spore Powder, a nutrition supplement which uses innovative technology to extract 99.9% of spore powder purity for maximized health benefits; and Grape Seed Oil Extract, for effective antioxidant protection.

As a business opportunity, the organo gold compensation plan offers a generous set-up for their representatives. The company offers seven ways that a person can earn an income as a distributor of their products, and each method is designed to affect the other methods allowing a representative to maximize his activities to obtain optimum earnings, moving from one level to another.

The first way to generate income from the company is by selling retail, this is where a person buys wholesale at reduced prices and directly selling the products at marked up retail prices. Second, is through the Fast Start Bonus, where a distributor receives commission for promotional product pack purchases made by someone they have recruited. Third, through Dual Team Commissions, where a person reaches a rank of Marketing Associate and earns a percentage from the volume of sales from the two teams in his placement tree. Fourth, from Unilevel Commissions, where a distributor earns reoccurring commissions from the reordering of the downlines. Fifth, through Matching Bonus, where a distributor acts as a mentor to one of his recruits, and receives 20% of the person’s monthly unilevel income. Sixth, via Generational Bonus, where a distributor receives a bonus if any of his network members achieves a certain rank. And seventh, through the Global Bonus Pool, where a distributor that generates high volume receives a reward for their contribution to the total revenues made by the company.

So what is the summary, is there an Organo Gold Scam going on?  No, not at all and it appears that the company has a unique product, a high compensation package, and a company that looks out for their distributing partners, so, overall it looks like a solid company.

However, despite all of the benefits that come from the company, ultimately, success in this or any mlm business is ultimately up to you, the business builder, and not the company or your upline.  You are the one that needs to learn how to market either the products or business builder package to others.

Right now, without a doubt, the best place to find people who are already looking for what you have to offer, and possibly even pre-sold on joining someone in a business is on the internet.  Utilizing search engines, blogs, and videos are the best way to get your website and content in front of these prospects for organo gold.

If you’d like to learn about marketing online, and generating upwards of 30+ free lead and prospects per day using nothing but the internet, fill out your name and email address below to get instant access to 7 straight days of cutting edge information teaching you how to do just that.


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