Pampered Chef Review

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Reviewing the Pampered Chef Company and MLM Opportunity

If you have long desired to start a home business based on direct selling and multi-level marketing but don’t want to enter the highly saturated health and wellness industry, then you should consider Pampered Chef. A direct sales company that offers a wide variety of food and kitchen related product lines, Pampered Chef has been an industry leader for their high quality and innovative product offerings which has propelled the business and the brand to many markets and kitchens worldwide.


Pampered Chef Review

pampered chef review

pampered chef review

Pampered Chef is a well-known brand that has over two decades of operation tucked under its belt. Established in 1980 by its founder Doris Christopher, Pampered the company was borne out of her great interest in home economics and her earnest desire to see the common kitchen benefit from having high-grade professional quality products. With her vast knowledge and experience in food preparation, Doris developed the type of products she knows would deliver the type of quality she had in mind, and marketed them to people she knew by doing the party plan method Tupperware popularized. Doris though added a little twist by doing cooking demonstrations, capitalizing on her teaching experience, to promote her products and today, Pampered Chef independent sales distributors use the same format which they called cooking shows.

Based in Addison, Illinois, Pampered Chef is an accredited company of the Better Business Bureau which recognizes its reliability and trustworthiness as one of the businesses online that earned its nod. The company currently operates in five markets, USA, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, and Germany. Its network of independent sales distributors has more than 60,000 members which resulted to tens of millions in revenues from a consumer base of over 12 million customers. This level of success has caught the eye of business magnate Warren Buffet’s holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. which bought Pampered Chef in 2002.


Pampered Chef Products

Pampered Chef’s product lines mainly consist of kitchen tools for food preparation. Their different product categories include bakeware tools and pans, cookware tools and equipment, cutleries and specialty cutting tools, amazing serving dishes for entertaining guests, grilling tools and utensils, and special items made from bamboo and stone materials. You can also find cookbooks and special cooking ingredients, to create heavenly dishes. Lost at what to give a friend or a family member as a gift? Pampered Chef also offers cost efficient unique gift ideas that everyone would surely appreciate.

The company’s growth and expansion has allowed it to create its own test kitchens composed of expert product developers, home economists, food scientists, dietitians, and chefs that continually enhance their products and recipes to provide the consumer market an amazing product lineup consisting of more than three hundred products that makes cooking easier and faster, dishes tastier and more appetizing, and food presentation highly appealing and easier to clean. This has made Pampered Chef a highly considered MLM opportunity. Why? Because the high quality product offers that Pampered Chef offers makes it easier for sales distributors to market and sell them.


Pampered Chef Compensation Plan

Pampered Chef mainly promotes and sells their products through their network’s direct selling and multi-level marketing channels. As an independent sales distributor of Pampered Chef it is mandatory to conduct cooking shows in selling the products. This method allows a distributor to fully focus on the essential qualities of the products by using and demonstrating their uses and functions and by pointing out the advantages and versatility of their benefits. You will be doing some cooking and talking which will utilize a wide range of the company’s products. Selling and recruiting is commonly done after the cooking demonstration is over while the guests taste the dishes that you have made.

The compensation plan of Pampered Chef offers basically the same basic earning method as most MLM structures do. You earn money from commissions on sales that you make and you generate percentage commissions on the sales that your recruits make. When you are able to recruit new members, you have the opportunity to move up the eight tiered structure of the company, each level presents different ways of earning an income as well as the possibility of earning bonuses. Pampered Chef though is different from other Pampered MLM opportunities as they focus more on selling the products, offering more income generating potential in this aspect, rather than in recruiting a large number of members for a network marketing business.

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