Partylite Review

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PartyLite: A Review of an MLM Company with a Century Old History

Making an investment, no matter how small it is, means having to make smart choices about the business or company that you capitalize in. One distinct factor is the amount of years that it has been in operation, and here is where PartyLite gets the big edge. Having more than a hundred years of being in business signifies not only the stability of the company, but also the industry and market where it operates. For an MLM networker, this means the potential for a long term business.

Partylite Review

partylite review

partylite review

PartyLite is the premier global source for highly appealing candles and candle accessories. They develop and manufacture specialty candles and distribute their products through their network of independent sales distributors. This direct selling company traces its roots to Cape Cod, Massachusetts in the first years of the 1900s where a local school teacher by the name of Mabel Baker made candles which incorporated the wild bayberries that grew in the area. Mabel gave her creations away as gifts and as more people took interest in them, her entrepreneurial instincts kicked in seeing the potential to create a profitable business.

Officially opening the doors to her business in 1909, then called the Colonial Candle of Cape Cod, Mabel devoted herself to the growth of her business for more than 50 years and saw it to become a $6 million dollar commercial venture upon her death in 1965 at the ripe old age of 94. Eight years after, the company decided to expand creating PartyLite as a channel for dispensing the excess inventory they had in their shops.

PartyLite’s MLM business structure, along with their own direct selling system of hosting home parties, allowed the small subsidiary to double its revenues in just over a year. From then on, PartyLite steadily expanded their product lineup, grew their network of sales distributors, and conquered markets overseas. This impressive growth by the company caught the eye of Blyth, Inc. which bought PartyLite and its parent company Colonial Candle of Cape Cod in 1990. Today, PartyLite generates hundreds of millions of dollars through their network of almost seventy thousand independent distributors marketing and distributing the products worldwide.


Partylite Products

Although the original bayberry candle is now only offered as a limited edition classic, PartyLite has greatly expanded its product lineup with their selection of candles alone numbering in the hundreds. PartyLite offers a wide variety of choices in their collection of candles and introduces annually a hundred new varieties. PartyLite also offers candle accessories, home fragrances, fragranced air care, fragrance melts, warmers, gift sets, decorative holders, specialty decors, and has even ventured into food products with their Two Sisters Gourmet line.


Partylife Compensation Plan

As mentioned above, PartyLite uses a direct selling strategy called home shows. A PartyLite consultant markets the products he or she is selling and recruits new members by hosting a home show. To host a home show you need to have a Starter Kit which will include different products from each of their different product categories. You will also have catalogs which you can show to your guests to give them a chance to see a complete list of the products that are available from the company. To help you generate sales and recruit others to become a part of the PartyLite network, you will also receive training and tools for better business building. Typically, each home show follows the 10-3-2 model, this means a home show should be able to sell 10 products, get 3 shows booked, and get 2 new recruits.

As a PartyLite consultant, you have various ways to earn money. First and the most common is through retail profits. Next is by qualifying for direct sales commissions which can earn you twenty five percent for every home show, and if your sales for a particular month exceed 7,000 dollars, an additional 7 percent is given. And like most MLM structures, you will also earn a residual income from the volume sales of your group, starting from 2 to 7 percent of the total volume amount. The PartyLite MLM business structure has seven leadership levels and qualifying for a level is dependent on the size of your group and the amount of sales made.

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