Premier Designs Review

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Company and Program Review: Premier Designs


There are virtually hundreds of MLM or multilevel marketing companies and online affiliate groups available all over the world. You will find a variety of products ranging from health supplements to beauty products and cosmetics to computer accessories. If you’re a fan of jewelry but visualize yourself doing more than just earning money off a program, you might like Premier Designs. The company prides itself as having special projects that enrich the lives of the people they help and support on a daily basis.


premier designs review

premier designs review

Premier Designs Review


Premier Designs is a direct sales jewelry company located in Dallas, Texas that started in 1985 with the collaborative efforts of Joan and Andy Horner. Premier Designs jewelry is the brand promoted and sold by the company named Independent Distributors or Jewelers. The products are generally available in the United States and Puerto Rico, although the items are seen in several other nations in Europe and Asia. The company prides itself as being in the industry for more than a quarter of a century and remains loyal to its principles, purpose and philosophy of dedicating service for future generations and endeavors. Aside from offer quality and beautiful jewelry, the Horner-Premier Foundation has several special projects, ministries and even missionary works in the United States and in over 60 countries all over the globe.

The Vision

Premier Designs became a reality because of Joan and Andy Horner, who migrated in 1950 to America. The couple settled in Dallas, Texas where they became highly successful in many business projects until the launching of Premier Designs. The company today follows its four pillars to continually serve individuals with needs. It is currently worth several millions with distributors available in fifty states, as well as Puerto Rico. The four main objectives for Premier Designs are the following:

1. So that mothers can spend more time at home to raise their children well.
2. So that single mothers can earn added income and gain confidence in their abilities.
3. So that people who are heavily involved in Christian projects can earn adequately.
4. So that Premier Designs can help and support projects and ministries all over the globe.


Premier Designs Incentives


You get to earn 50% on every sale. Payments will be provided to you immediately. The company also gives you a 10% commission from the wholesale purchases of people you have sponsored into the program. All you need to do is promote the company and mentor these new individuals. You can earn 10% on all individuals in the second and third tiers of your sales network. You do not need to keep an inventory and you don’t have to make any deliveries or shipping preparations because all orders are specially packaged for every client and these are immediately and directly shipped to the host. Other advantages that Premier Designs offer in its scheme are the absence of sales quotas and territory requirements. You will not feel pressured in selling the items. You can then move at your own pace and stay with the principles set by the Horners in aiming for the greater good for future generations in your income-generating opportunity.


Premier Designs Jewelry


Visiting the website will help you search for a jeweller who can show you the available items as well as guide you through the process of becoming a distributor for Premier Designs. There are over 700 carefully crafted and affordable fashion jewelry products in the line. Customers will definitely find something that appeal to their lifestyle and personal preference. The company is confident that every piece is made considering quality and aesthetics. The company offers 60-day warranty on all items sold. Should the client find any defect or damage, except for regular wear and tear, she can return the item to be replaced without any additional fees. Products that are to be replaced past 60 days will require a $5 fee plus tax for every item returned. This helps your credibility and reputation when selling the items.

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