Silpada Designs Review

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MLM Business Review: Silpada Designs

There are so many MLM or multilevel marketing businesses today that seem to offer the same advantages of earning money while enjoying the products and education at the same time. If you wish to invest in a legitimate and reliable group, you need to do some research and find the right place that will spark your interest to become a leader in the field. You might like the offer provided by Silpada Designs. Here are some beginner tips.

Silpada Designs

Silpada Designs

Silpada Designs Review

Silpada Designs is a jewelry manufacturing company that enforces an MLM or multilevel marketing approach to distributing its products. The company was first launched in 1997 by Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh to help provide financial opportunities, particularly to women, as well as empower them to become successful and confident for the rest of their lives. The company only started in a simple basement but has grown significantly over the years. There are now thousands of representatives and consultants in different states all across America. The company focuses on providing women with the power, wealth and wisdom to look their best regardless of their current age and status.

They have been offering top quality handmade silver jewelry for more than a decade. You can at least be sure that the company has rendered benefits to thousands of clients and distributors for a long time. The business was started by the two mothers initially just to earn some quick cash. Today, the scheme has improved significantly so that women can feel proud about themselves and learn different things in business and marketing while having fun.

Joining the Network

Silpada Designs follows an MLM business approach to making money wherein individuals can earn income based on the sales they generate as well as by bringing more people into the network. to become a Representative of the company, you will be required to pay a starting certification fee of $199. If you purchase $750 worth of jewelry at wholesale prices, you will only be required to pay $100 for the certification fee. Buying $1750 in jewelry will provide you with an instant free certification fee. Buying $750 or $1750 worth of jewelry is actually worth twice as much if you pay using the retail price. Adding the first approved party in your list will provide you an added perk of getting $200 in free jewelry. A professional party is composed of at least 10 customers, which covers around $500 in retail sales.

Earning Money

You can also earn money as a Representative through commissions. As a distributor, you primarily earn 30% in commissions from the sales you make on your account. You also get the opportunity to buy jewelry at wholesale prices since you’re a member. Similar to many multilevel marketing schemes, you can earn more from the sales and performance of your downline or the people you have successfully referred into the network. You can earn 4% of the wholesale price of sales made by individuals within your first level or the ones you have brought into the group personally. Getting better in the company will help you earn more passive income by as much as 16% of the downline sales. This means that strengthening your downline, as well as maximizing your own personal sales can lead to limitless earning opportunities for women.

Hosting a Silpada party will also render several benefits to marketers. You can earn free jewelry by hosting a party. This is the perfect time to establish your reputation among customer and fellow affiliates. You can also feel free to talk about the different products and their relative features. Build strong relationships from the event and create loyal clients and helpful allies by using strategic activities to boost the bond.

Silpada Designs Jewelery

The company is widely famous for manufacturing excellent handmade silver jewelry of different styles and sorts. The products are made of .925 sterling silver, with about 6 to 8 expert craftsmen and artisans working on every piece. These pieces are very stylish and feature a number of intricate and original designs that will add to your attractiveness, elegance and glamour. The company will provide you with a catalogue once you browse the online page. You will find several items to choose from at the price you can afford.

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