Stampin Up Review

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A Stampin Up Review: An Overview of a Unique and Creative MLM Opportunity

The success that the network marketing business structure has given to many companies have made it one of the most utilized marketing and selling methods that new businesses have employed to quickly expand the reach of their brand and products. Not just for health and wellness products, multi-level marketing has found in a home in almost any type of industry including the rubber stamp and accessories industry, notably by a company called Stampin Up.


Stampin Up Review

Stampin Up Review

Stampin Up Review

A company that has two decades and some odd years of operation, Stampin Up designs, manufactures, and markets an exclusive collection of uniquely designed rubber stamps as well as a wide array of accessories that are commonly used for different do it yourself projects like home decoration, making greeting cards, or designing a scrapbook to name a few. Established in 1988 by Shelli Gardner, Stampin Up is a multi-awarded company that posts multi-million revenues each year through their network of more than 45,000 distributors operating in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia, and New Zealand.

Setting up base in Utah, Stampin Up has its 300,000 square foot office in Riverton, Utah and two manufacturing plants, one in in Kane County, Utah and the other in Kanab, Utah. Their presence in the area has allowed them to make a major employer contributing to the local economy’s growth and as such was named as the fastest growing company in the state for a number of years. As a reputable MLM business, Stampin Up is an outstanding member of the Direct Selling Association and strictly follows the code of ethics the DSA enforces among its members.


Stampin Up Products

Products wise, Stampin Up has a wide assortment of colorful and highly appealing products, aside from their flagship rubber stamp products, the company offer numerous accessories, tools, and colorful materials for arts and crafts projects that allow a person to create beautiful unique and personalized creations.

With state of the art manufacturing facilities and the services of highly creative and experienced artists and designers, Stampin Up offers top notch quality products that don’t just provide rubber stamp sets that fully print clear and sharp images, but also provide a wide selection of unique designs, colors, and prints. Stampin Up offers exclusive products that will allow you to create highly personalized projects. They have a comprehensive color collection that offers a more deliberate selection and easy coordination to create the color scheme that you desire. Aside from the arts and crafts materials, you can also find top quality tools which can make your cutting, crimping, piercing, and punching easier. These products cannot be found in stores as Stampin Up exclusively offers them through their independent sales distributors which the company calls “demonstrators.”


Stampin Up Compensation Plan

As a Stampin Up demonstrator, you can have an opportunity to generate an income whether as a full time or part time sales distributor. To become one you need to purchase the $175 Stampin Up Starter Kit which consists of different products worth approximately $340. You also have the option to choose the Digital + Starter Kit instead which includes digital designing software programs aside from the standard products. The contents of the kits can be changed depending on the products that you desire to have a better time marketing and selling them by applying it to your interests.

The Stampin Up compensation plan provides demonstrators a 20% commission on all their personal net sales, an extra 10% is given for new members in their first orders within 45 days of becoming a demonstrator, the sale must have a minimum amount of $150. The higher your monthly personal sales are, the bigger the commission percentages that are given by the company through their volume rebates.  You can add as much as 20% to your instant discount of 20% to make as much as 40% commission on your personal sales.

Recruiting other demonstrators to join your personal network will provide commissions on their sales which the company calls downline overrides. As you elevate in your level, your commission percentages will also increase and you can also qualify for various cash and product bonuses, trip incentives, and other awards which can boost your income with the company.


Is There A Stampin Up Scam?


No, not at all, this is a solid, reputable network marketing business.

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