Tahitian Noni Review

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Ever since the brand was introduced in 1996, Tahitian Noni has become a popular entity in the world of health and wellness as well as in the multi-level marketing circle. For anyone looking for a viable and reputable home based business, it may be best to include Tahitian Noni in the short list of companies that they will be considering. Going into MLM may sound easy enough to do and far less costly than traditional businesses, but in reality, a lot of people fail in this kind of business and without the right corporation to back you or offer a compensation plan designed to benefit the independent distributor, you too may fail in building a successful income generating business.


So What Is Tahitian Noni All About?


Founded by four well experienced and seasoned business experts, Tahitian Noni started its base of operations in Provo, Utah with the Tahitian Noni Juice as its flagship product. A privately held MLM based company, the business grew like wildfire and expanded rapidly as more people joined and became part of the Tahitian Noni network. Today, Tahitian Noni products can be found available in more than 70 countries and has made millionaires out of 400 plus of their distributors. The company has reported that its distributors has received more than 2 billion dollars out of the sales they have made as commissions and the business has been able to generate more than 4 billion dollars in revenues in their first ten years alone.

Tahitian Noni Review

Tahitian Noni Review

With many popular and big name personalities endorsing their products, its easy to see why there are lots of people that recognize the brand name and patronize the products. This makes it easier for independent sales distributors to push what they are offering from a marketing point of view. You get a good running start already and this is essential for those that are new to the business.

The Tahitian Noni Juice has been recently renamed as the Tahitian Noni Bioactive Beverage and still remains as the flagship product of the business, along with it are numerous other products available in various categories, all or most of them using the healthy Noni fruit as an active ingredient. Dubbed as a “super fruit”, the Noni has long been regarded in the Polynesian culture and history for its many health abilities enhancing and promoting a person’s immune system, digestive system, energy production, protection against antioxidants, and generally for the whole being. Many researches over the past half century have documented what the Polynesian’s have known for the last two thousand years and Tahitian Noni have furthered the studies and developments about the Noni fruit to learn more about the health benefits it can provide dedicating an advanced and state of the art laboratory solely for Noni research.

These extensive studies have resulted to a wide variety of Tahitian Noni products that include weight management creams, teas, energy drinks, shakes, vitamins, supplements, skin care night creams and lots more. There are even Noni base tasty treats like fruit chews and accessories that carry the Tahitian Noni brand name. You can also find Tahitian Noni gift packs to give out a healthy gift.


The Tahitian Noni Compensation Plan


For independent distributors of the Tahitian Noni network, there are basically 5 ways that they can generate income with the Tahitian Noni compensation plan. First is through the retail profits, or the markup that you do for the retail price based on your wholesale purchase price or discount benefits. Next is the personal rebate, this is where an independent distributor is accorded with a 20 percent rebate from purchases made from them. Next is the residual income, this is the bonus or commission that you can make from the sales made by your group. There is also the fast start bonus wherein you can earn a payout when a new recruit joins your group when you are just in the first 5 levels. And finally there is the revenue pool, there are different revenue pools offered by Tahitian Noni to some distributors that meet certain qualifications. There are also lots of other bonuses when your rank or level increases and you can even receive non-monetary bonuses such as trips and other items.

So Is There A Tahitian Noni Scam?

Not at all.  This brand and product is a long standing member of the MLM business family and more than likely will be for years to come.

However, much like many older MLMs, the business builders here need to get with the times and learn how to meet their prospects where they hang out now, online.

People use things like search engines to find information, social media to interact with people, and watch video after video, all online.  It’s in your best interest to get out in front of your most targeted prospects and meet them where they are.

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