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What Is The Talk Fusion MLM Opportunity All About?

Talk Fusion is one of the hotter MLM opportunities bringing technology and network marketing together.  There’s just no denying the fact that technology has allowed the creation of many new industries today that has become a solid foundation for many business opportunities. The internet is the biggest proof of this and with new technologies being developed each day, it’s not difficult to imagine that a new business will emerge as a viable solution for people looking to make some money online. But is it a scam or the real deal?  That is what this review will focus on.

When you look at the website,, you see that Talk Fusion was opened for business in 2007 and is popularly known for their innovative products, video email and video conferencing. A US based company, it was founded by Bob Reina, who is also its present CEO, who created the concept of video email when he discovered that no one offered the service when he wanted to send a short video email to his friends. Challenged by the fact that the task was deemed improbable to happen, Bob developed his idea and came out with a superb product, defying all suggestions that it couldn’t be done.

Today, this idea has turned into a high demand product that has found a place in the global market and the company continuously grows both as a business opportunity and as a valuable tool for developing and marketing any business. The company now operates in over 85 countries and ranks 8th in the top online video content provider in the whole planet. Plus, with constant developments and new features being worked on, it’s not difficult to see why the company has been going on an upward rise.

Talk Fusion Reviews

Talk Fusion Reviews

As a company that has founded its growth through network marketing, Talk Fusion has always abided by its principles of having the highest of ethical standards in dealing with their distributors and associates and this has led the company to become one of the select few that has been chosen to be a member of the elite Direct Selling Association, and the Direct Selling Educational Institute.

Their flagship product is the video email which has consistently put them as the leader in this category. Both for personal and business use, Talk Fusion’s video email is an easy to use technology which anyone can work with, even without prior internet and video editing experience, that provides a fun filled experience and fast results that gives out a professional feel to it. With just a webcam, a video camera, or any existing video file you may have, you can choose among the vast collection of ready to use template choices available on the site and with their point and click user interface, design a video to say hi to grandma, greet your friend on his birthday, or develop a high impact marketing video email to boost your business.

Other products being offered by Talk Fusion includes video conferencing, where you can communicate with multiple people and see them in real time, hold business meetings with different offices no matter where they are, present business proposals, or maybe just get in touch with family and friends at the same time.  They also offers Live Broadcasting services, which is great for reaching a wider audience with your events, and for hosting live online seminars. And another  innovation is the video networking, a great tool for business owners who wish to incorporate video marketing and social networking into their online marketing efforts.  You can easily create videos and post them on various social network sites or video sharing sites without any worries.

But what about the Talk Fusion Compensation Plan?

Talk Fusion blends very well with network marketing as it is not only a great product to market and sell, but it is also a great tool to help them in their marketing efforts. Talk Fusion’s compensation plan is very unique as it is the first to utilize an instant pay scheme. You get commission instantly for every sale that you make and see that earnings paid out to you today. The company offers six ways to earn income, using a basic binary that offers a number of bonuses and a bonus pool. Each method provides an option to earn income outright, and develop residual income for a long term period.

So is there a talk fusion scam going on?  No, not at all and quite the contrary.  With its innovative products and appealing compensation plan, Talk Fusion is a solid company for network marketers to consider as a business opportunity and a marketing partner.

However, one thing that you see that prevents its distributors from really achieving breakthrough success is their marketing.  Most unfortunately rely too heavily on the company and product being innovative, and fail to go conduct targeted marketing, searching for and getting their offer in front of others who are actively looking for what they have to offer.

Right now, the internet is absolutely the best place to conduct that targeted marketing with things such as articles, video, blogging, and social networking as some of the leading methods.

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T.J. August 1, 2011 at 1:26 pm

This is a great review! I love this company and I agree with you 100%! If you don’t know how to effectively market Talk Fusion or any home-based business no matter the product or service– you will not succeed. That’s why it’s crucial to be a part of a team who will help you learn the marketing skills needed and assist you in your success with this business. Thanks! :)

Steve Dixon December 3, 2011 at 7:02 pm

Awesome Review! If anyone has questions you can message me at the site listed,will be glad to help !
We are excited about the Instant pay. If you make a sell overseas at 2:00 ,you are paid at 2:03- no other company in the world can say that. Our sponsors just made Grand Blue Diamonds…Congrads to Julie and Minh Ho……great working with you……NoLimits

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