Tastefully Simple Review

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The Tastefully Simple Review: Should you Bite into this MLM Opportunity?


Rags to riches story are common in the MLM industry, in fact, most network marketing organizations have them, it’s either one of the independent distributors or the company founder himself. Either way, success stories fuel the determination of a person to achieve success in their own endeavors, and at the same time stories like these lend a coat of viability for the MLM opportunity. While there are those that create these type of stories to make a company seem invest worthy, others just simply tell the truth, such as the story of Tastefully Simple.


Tastefully Simple Review


tastefully simple review

tastefully simple review

While not a rags-to-riches situation literally, Tastefully Simple founder Jill Blackshan Strahan along with her friend and partner Joani Nielsen didn’t have large corporate founding, a family fortune, or tons of investors when they started the company in 1995. The company had more of a humble beginning type of story; founded in a small city, in an even smaller shed, Tastefully Simple was inspired by the warm reception people had towards the open house taste tests she gave for her gift basket business, not to mention that every time she did it, her sales and orders escalated.

As these personal interactions happen only periodically, Jill decided to why not just do the interaction on a regular basis and offer people her products on a more personal level. From then on there was no stopping Tastefully Simple from rapidly growing and this rapid expansion led to the company’s induction in the Inc 500 Hall of Fame with their founder being given the All Star Status in 2005. Today, Tastefully Simple has achieved nationwide brand recognition, outstanding annual revenues, great standing as a member of the Direct Selling Association and a rating of A+ from the better Business Bureau.


Tastefully Simple Products


As a company that offers instant meal solutions for any occasion, Tastefully Simple offers a wide and comprehensive selection of tasty and wonderful gourmet meals. From breads, soups, side dishes, salads, main courses, and desserts, Tastefully Simple offers the most plate tickling dishes that are simple and easy to do requiring only a few easy steps. Tastefully Simple also offers seasonal products that are just right for that certain time of the year. The company also offers recipe books that anyone can follow and create great tasting meals.


Tastefully Simple Compensation Plan


From the very beginning, Tastefully Simple was designed to follow the network marketing business format as their founder wanted a more personal approach to promoting their products. As was Jill’s experience, Tastefully Simple distributors host taste-testing parties to demonstrate how easy it is to cook using the company’s offerings and how wonderful they taste. During these parties, a consultant will be able to sell the products and recruit new members as well. Essentially, hosting these parties will be the core of your job as a Tastefully Simple consultant; this is where a bulk of your sales will come and the potential to build a large distribution network.

To become a part of the Tastefully Simple network, you need to purchase packages or kits which you will be using in hosting your party. There are two options in this, the lower priced Just a Taste Business Kit available at $89 and the Business Blast Off Kit priced at $170. Each kit comes with all the party hosting necessities such as the food products, training videos and other materials, catalogs, display products, samples, and client order forms. The difference between the two is that the higher priced kit has enough materials for hosting four parties while the lower priced kit only has enough for two.

The compensation plan of Tastefully Simple provides a 30% commission for your personal sales, which is pretty much on par with many other MLM Businesses today, and as the products are consumable you can expect to have frequent repeat orders. Like any other MLM company, also have different levels in their structure. The first level is being a Consultant, second is Senior Consultant, and third is Team Leader. The company offers different rewards and bonuses for qualifying certain levels and you can even receive trip incentives. Hosting a party alone gives the opportunity to receive free gifts and sales rewards. The amount you generate in party sales corresponds to certain reward amounts. You must have a minimum sale of $200 dollars though.


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