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When you hear the words ‘beach’ and ‘body’, you can immediately picture a very fit and healthy body. This is probably one of the reasons why the Team Beachbody MLM company was founded. A lot of people, especially those that are looking for a nice business or company that is focused on providing health and wellness products, find the Beachbody MLM company a good online MLM business to invest some money in.

What Is The Team Beachbody MLM All About?


Beachbody MLM is actually an online MLM business that is aimed at providing people with certain products that can be used by those people who are in to the entire weight loss, muscle building and fitness scene. This particular company wants to cater to those hardcore gym enthusiasts and fitness junkies by providing them with certain cutting edge products that will assist them in their bodybuilding training regimen and lifestyle.


team beachbody review

team beachbody review

When you look at their website,, you see that they actually focuses on cutting edge bodybuilding products, such as nutritional and training supplements, alongside certain bodybuilding training programs and techniques. One of their more well-known products is the P90X Home Fitness Training System, which is a system designed for those people who are really serious about gaining some serious muscle by strictly following a set of exercise regimen couple with taking training and nutritional supplements. This training system will include a manual that will lay out for you the different training exercises that you need to perform for the next 90 days. Basically, the training system’s main concept revolves around the idea of muscle confusion, hence, the varying and strict training exercises that are needed to be done.


What About The Team Beachbody Compensation Plan?

Beachbody’s unique payment plan still involves you earning through your commissions from product sales, just like most MLM businesses that are in the market today. However, in order for you to become eligible to receive certain commissions from Beachbody, you need to be an active coach in 50 business volume, and also bring in two other people to work as coaches. Also, Beachbody will also require you to work out in their gym for at least eight times within a month. However, there are certain incentive programs and commissions that you would only be able to partake of if you pay certain fees, such as joining the Beachbody Coach club and the Team Beachbody Club program.

Is There A Team BeachBody Scam?

Although there are a number of different health and wellness online MLM businesses out there, Beachbody is actually one of those companies that would be a great business or company to invest in, especially if you are into the whole hardcore muscle building training programs and products. Since this particular company is able to draw in huge numbers of customers each and every week, you are assured that you have a steady in flow of market for your business.

However, and this is especially critical for a fitness MLM, is that you can’t merely rely on hype and buzz to build your business.  You really need to figure out how to do targeted marketing to people who are looking for health and wellness specifically.

Right now, the internet is the best place to find large amounts of people interested in losing weight and getting fit.  With places like forums, search engines, social media, and other venues, literally you can tap into thousands upon thousands of people who are searching for exactly what you have to offer as a team beachbody coach.

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