Trivita Review

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Trivita Review:  A Wellness Company for the Whole Community

One might think that the wellness industry has already reached a point where it’s beyond saturation.  With numerous companies and manufacturers competing for a share of the market, and with most of them using the power of the multi-level marketing structure to leverage their position, it can be difficult to choose which company to select either as a customer or a network marketer. Learning more about a company helps in making a decision and reviews can be a great source of information, like this Trivita review.

Trivita Review


Trivita Review

Trivita Review

One of the major players in the health and wellness market, Trivita is a more than a decade old network marketing company that is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Founded and helmed by a well experienced and reputable media marketer, Michael Ellison, along with solid lineup of other similarly respected names in the business, Trivita has built itself a solid foundation and following in the industry earning a good standing membership with the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and the Better Business Bureau.


Trivita Products


Aside from benefitting from the widespread reach and fast growth of their network of independent distributors, the company and brand’s recognition was also propelled by the products that they manufacture, sell, and market. Trivita offers a wide range of products in several categories including vitamins, supplements, weight loss products, and health drinks. The company classifies their products in four main categories, Foundational Nutrition, Targeted Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Children’s. Trivita offers an assortment of powdered drinks, capsules, chews, and value packs for different health and wellness concerns like balancing and maintaining blood sugar levels, detoxification, bones and joint care, boosting the immune system, inflammation and pain relief, eliminating stress, and the improvement of our vision among others.

Trivita ensures the quality of their products by implementing 10 foundational values in their production and manufacture process. Starting with a highly qualified medical board, all Trivita products undergo extensive research and developments in a controlled laboratory environment to create scientifically validated formulas using the purest all natural ingredients. Their manufacturing process strictly adheres to the guidelines set by the Good Manufacturing Process despite not being forced to comply with it. All products are packaged in the safest and most guaranteed packaging that ensures its freshness and safety while the product itself is given an innovative delivery system guaranteeing its full body absorption and potency.

Trivita Business


With a highly viable list of products, Trivita is considered a viable MLM opportunity as well. As an Independent Affiliate Member, the term given by Trivita to their sales force, you are given various different ways to earn money and you are also provided with multiple types of support and marketing tools to help you expand your business.


Trivita Compensation Plan


The Trivita compensation plan boasts of having the biggest sale bonuses that’s being offered in the Direct Selling industry reaching around seventy percent. Primarily though, there are three ways to get compensation in the Trivita network, first is through your Personal Customer Base where you receive a sizeable up front bonus for every new member that you are able to successfully refer which made some purchases. Any purchases subsequently made will earn you commissions bringing the potential for residual income. Next is through Co-Advertising Generated Customers, here you can purchase the rights to existing customers that were produced by the other marketing and advertising efforts made by Trivita, these rights gives you commissions on all future purchases that they make. And third, you can earn commission through various bonuses and income overrides generated by the sales production of your affiliate group. Each advancement as an independent affiliate member allows for more earnings and bonuses.

Although Trivita doesn’t solely rely on their network affiliates to generate sales, they place large importance to them, and to ensure that they reach their goals, the company offers multiple support channels’ Their affiliate member services offer the knowledge and expertise of their specialists by sharing advice and tips on how to enroll new affiliates, placing orders, tracking your commissions, and thoroughly understanding the company’s policies and procedures. You will also receive lots of support from experienced upline affiliates and get marketing tools like a personalized website, video email, product brochures, DVDs and CDs, and a lot more, plus affiliate training programs.

Is There A Trivita Scam?


No, not in the least.  Quite the contrary, this company seems to offer a top notch product line and couple that with a solid compensation plan.


However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that no company will build your business for you, and you success depends complete upon you getting your offer in front of people who are actually interested in the benefits of what you are offering.   This holds true for either product or business.

Right now, the internet is the best place to get your offer in front of those people, because it provides instant reach to thousands of people exactly like you are looking for.

If you’d like to learn how to get in front of those targeted prospects online, and generate upwards of 30+ free leads per day for your network marketing business, simply fill out the form below with your name and email address right now to get instant acccess to 7 free days of cutting edge internet MLM training.


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