Tupperware Review

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The Tupperware MLM Review – Should You Be Attending this Party?


As a product and as a business opportunity, Tupperware has established a strong foothold in the food storage industry that competing products are commonly referred as Tupperware as well. With well over five decades of providing world class products, with their product lineup ever increasing, Tupperware has been inside the kitchen of many homes across the planet and has been the center of perhaps one of the most successful direct selling and network marketing strategy emulated by many companies today, the Tupperware party plan.


Tupperware Review


tupperware review

tupperware review

Founded by Earl Silas Tupper, who also developed the plastic container and the distinctive “burping seal” design which set the product apart from the rest, Tupperware is a global network marketing company that didn’t just improve the way we stored our food and other stuff, but also revolutionized direct selling and made a huge impact in our society.

Tupperware was officially launched in 1946 in Leominster, Massachusetts, an era that saw the end of the Second World War and the “return” of women to their homes and to their kitchen. Whether spurred by a need or want, Tupperware provided women the means to generate an income while still maintaining the flexible schedule to do her “obligations” to her home and her family. With the introduction of “Party Plan” model in the early ‘50s, Tupperware provided their independent distributors the means to sell and market the products they were offering in a social and familiar environment that doesn’t invoke the selling atmosphere.

The success that Tupperware met with their innovative marketing approach allowed them to expand their operations to Europe in 1960 using the same approach that built the company in the US market. From there on, there was no stopping the company from spreading worldwide and today, Tupperware has a presence in more than 100 countries, eight different brands, represented by a network composed of 2.6 million distributors that is growing each day and this has resulted to sales revenues topping 2.3 billion dollars in 2010.

2005 saw the company change its name from Tupperware Corporation to Tupperware Brands Corporation as the company has subsequently grown to marketing not only their flagship Tupperware brand which developed, manufactured and marketed food serving, storage, and preparation solutions, but also seven other brands that dealt with beauty and personal care product offerings; and these brands are Armand Dupree, Avroy Shlain, BeautiControl, Fuller, NaturCare, Nutrimetics, Nuvo, and Swissgarde.

As a company that has direct selling and network marketing largely to thank for their growth and expansion, Tupperware continues to focus on this marketing structure to bring their products to the market, to bolster the selling capability of their independent distributors, Tupperware has even shifted many of its selling towards their network away from distributorships. Tupperware home parties are still popular means of selling or purchasing Tupperware products and with the emergence of the internet as a viable marketing channel, many independent distributors have also made the online transition.


Tupperware Compensation Plan


For those looking towards Tupperware as an opportunity to generate an income, there are various ways to become an independent distributor. You can attend a Tupperware home party and host your own party after making a purchase, find a consultant in the internet by accessing their website, go to the official Tupperware website, or through Tupperware kiosks in shopping malls in your area where you can get brochures, see the actual products yourself and learn more about the Tupperware opportunity from consultants manning the kiosks.

To start becoming a Tupperware independent distributor, you will need to make a purchase by choosing the two business kits they offer, the lower priced entry level Business Kit, and the higher priced yet value laden Executive Business Kit. The Tupperware compensation plan offers basically what most MLM plans offer. For instant profits, you can sell products retail and get a 25% commission on your direct sales. For sales that reach certain amounts, you will qualify for additional 5 or 10 percent bonuses. To earn money from your downline, you need to elevate first to a manager status by reaching their set qualifications. As a manager, you can make 4 to 8 percent commission off the sales of your team depending on how many members it has.

Is There A Tupperware Scam?

No, not in the slightest.  This is one of the founding companies in the direct selling and network marketing business industry, and had been around for decades and will continue to be for many more to come.

However, like any company, those representing this company need to get with the times and learn how to connect with potential customers online, where many many people spend hours a day.  If you aren’t getting your business and products in front of where people are at, you will no doubt miss out on lots of business.

If you’d like to learn more about marketing online and reaching your audience there, simply fill out the form below with your name and email address right now to get instant access to 7 free days of cutting edge online home business training.


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