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USANA Review Why Just Your Company Isn’t The Answer

by Kurt Henninger on

Independant USANA Review

Independant USANA Review

The vast majority of online USANA review sites that you will read online go into great detail about how wonderful the product line is, and how much of a “can’t miss” the business is and that “everyone needs this kind of stuff”.

Far from that, this particular USANA review is from a third party, outsider, but one who has been in the industry for years and can really get to the core of what makes a successful business.

First, let me say this, if you are in the business, it is a phenomenal one, with very high quality products and a good compensation plan, and there is definately no USANA scam going on there.  By all means, stick with the company and make a go of it.

But you see, the vast majority of those that “sell” the USANA business or products stop at that fact and can’t see past it.  They go on and on about what they think and feel about it and why everyone with a breath should listen to them, even if they never raised their hand and said, “Yes, show me your compensation plan.”

As is typical with most distributors in this industry, most here forget about marketing, and really identifying people who are actually looking for their product or the advantages of their business opportunity.

Do you think professionals and big earners in other industries try to convince and coerce random people into buying from them or joining them in their business?

No, a simple formula they follow is this, and this is really the core of the information you need to take from this USANA review.  They present their offer in terms of

- #1 Are You Having This Problem?

- #2 They relate to that problem and agitate it in the mind of their audience

#3 They present their product or business a solution to that problem.

It really ins’t any more complicated than that, and it can be applied to both the business and product marketing side of their business.

Once you understand this paradigm, you really start to make progress in your business and truly enjoy it, while at the same time helping people meet some goal, or alleviate some kind of pain.

This USANA review was just one tool to train you and help you become a more successful business owner.

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Shaun March 25, 2012 at 1:49 am

The key objection to the industry is not the business is too expensive to start. You need to find their hidden objection. There are three issues.
1. Is this for real?
2. Can they do it?
3. Can you help them?
Handling their objection is most important. But in the first place, you need to find out what are they looking for an opportunity. If you know their compelling reasons, help them with the objections, then share information how you can help them achieve their reasons for doing the business. Finding customer online using SEO and online strategies is the start. Getting interested in their needs, handling the objection and finally inviting them to some information in that order is very important. Learn some sales techniques to close them is the next step. Finally, mentoring and train them to success is the ultimate goal.

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