Visalus Vita-Net Swipe Is Rolled Out To Field

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Visalus Vita-Net Swipe Launched

The Visalus Vita-Net Swipe has been launched and rolled out by Visalus Sciences as a further tool for their growing MLM sales force recently.

Essentially what the device is, as seen in the image on this page, is a point of sale credit card and debit card mobile payment solution.  This gives their distributors alot of payment flexibility on the go when presenting to clients all over.

As reported in this news press release

Visalus Vita-Net Swipe

“Our Promoters now have a fully integrated, mobile point of sale solution,” stated Blake Mallen, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. “This technological innovation gives our challenge Promoters the ability to provide instantaneous enrollment with a safe and secure point of sale. We believe this will provide a much better Promoter and customer experience and continue to drive our significant customer acquisition growth.”

The device itself can connect to most mobile devices, including Apple, Android or Blackberry devices.

A brief introduction is provided in the video below as well.

Now, with all of that being said, point of sale devices aren’t new to small business, nor the home business industry, as they have been available from private payment processing firms for a number of years, despite what Visalus says.  So, I’d disagree with them on the point that this is groundbreaking, however, I would agree that a company offering this to their sales force is a unusual step, and can potentially add something to ease direct sales for them.

However, one thing I’d point out is that the company provided little in the way of how much these would cost the distributor for use.

What do you think?

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