Wealth Masters International Review

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The Wealth Masters International Review – Is It Really the Path to Wealth?

Wealth Masters International, by nature, is a financial education company that operates through a direct sales business model. Established in 2005 in Houston, Texas, they can be regarded as a newcomer wealth generation community but in just a short span of time, it has been able to grow and expand rapidly extending its operations to more than a hundred and thirty countries and just recently, opened up a satellite office in Oslo, Norway with more planned in Australia and Canada. Driven by necessity borne out of the likewise rapid growth of their member and customer base in the global market, they have revamped their products to adapt to a more diverse set of people.


Wealth Masters International Review

wealth masters international review

wealth masters international review

As Wealth Masters International, also know as WMI, continually enhances and develops their products and their company’s structure in operations, sales, and compensation, they have been able to keep the business opportunity highly appealing to sales consultants and future sales consultants. Besides the improvements on their products, they have introduced new products as well to offer more options catering to a wider audience considering this MLM opportunity.
Also, they  have just come up with the third version of their flagship product, the m1 Master’s Program. The newest edition features a 100-day online course; instructional videos contained in sixteen CD’s and DVD’s, a progress journal to record your advances, affiliations with carefully matched partners, and an option to a program subscription to the Wealth Masters International Academy. Also, the new m1 package now includes access for new members the company’s proprietary online financial management software program called the Wealth Accelerator.

Basically, the information and education that you will receive from them covers many areas in finances that are not available or commonly shared in traditional educational systems. As you go through the program, you will be opened to new perspectives in the financial concepts involving many business and commercial aspects like tax strategies, banks, principles of credit, asset protection, and economic policies just to name a few. All of these influence our personal finances and can have a huge impact in their management.

Also, the program by them will include various strategies and step by step guides in approaches and methods which we can implement according to our personal situation. Higher product package versions of the m1 are also offered in the m2 Wealth Conference, which adds access to a four day  event that is filled with valuable nuggets of wisdom from expert guest speakers sharing their keys to success and other advices. This is an all-inclusive access ticket for one that also adds a one-day marketing system training.

A notch higher is the m3 Private Wealth Group Package, which includes a 5-day conference to a more exotic location, all inclusive as well, and here participants are immersed in talks and activities that doesn’t just enhance the education of a person in his finances, but also, create a lifestyle scenario to which he may see himself living in the future. New to the product lineup is the mPower program, which is actually the first 30 days of what a person will learn and experience in the 1% solution course that is offered in the m1 package.

Wealth Masters International Compensation Plan


With regards to the compensation plan, the company employs a hybrid model lifting several different factors from multi-level marketing, where commissions are earned and shared by each member of a group, and direct selling, where the entirety of the profits goes to a single person. Wealth Masters International allow their members to receive actual sales profits from personal sales that he or she has made and at the same time offer commissions also for the group to share as residual bonuses; this includes all members up to five levels below. This form of compensation allows sales individuals to generate more profit and more importantly, be able to truly build residual income for themselves. Even newcomers to the program have the chance to earn money fast, this doesn’t just motivate them to work even more and give them hope, but it also allows them to invest more in their endeavors.

A Wealth Masters International Scam?

No, not by a long shot.  While some might debate the real value of the financial education compared to other information that is out there, this is a legitimate opportunity and financial information company.

However, particularly with a high tier opportunity such as this one, it is absolutely imperative that you learn and apply direct response marketing techniques to reach your target audience.  These, coupled with the immediate and far reach of the internet are your best best for success selling both the services and opportunity.

If you’d like to learn more about direct response marketing combined with internet marketing, simply fill out your name and email address to get instant access to 7 free days of cutting edge training to help you in this mlm business generate up to 30+ free leads per day.

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