Xango Business Review – Scam Or Does It Still Have The Juice?

by Kurt Henninger on

Is The Xango Business Worth It?

Is The Xango Business Worth It?

Xango Business Review – Scam Or Does It Still Have The Juice?


One of the original juice MLM companies, along with one of the most popular is the Xango business opportunity.  So, is this opportunity worthwhile, or is it not all its cracked up to be?  That is what this review will focus on.


Xango Review

First of all, the Xango business as a company was founded in Utah by six individuals: Gary Hollister, Aaron Garrity, Joe Morton, Gordon Morton, Kent Wood, and Bryan Davis approximately seven years ago.  On their website at www.XanGo.com, they operate in over 20 countries with 1 million distributors.

Xango Products


So what kinds of products does the Xango business market?  While they were the first company to globally market a premium mangosteen beverage, they have expanded their product lineup, growing into the supplement, a vigor enhancing supplement in Eleviv, and the Glimpse skin care line.


Xango Business Compensation Plan


Now, how do you actually earn money in the Xango business opportunity?  Very clearly the company indicates that they give back a full 50% of the overall commissions back to the distributors .  Overall, there are four distinct ways to earn money in this opportunity: retail sales, powerstart bonus, unilevel, and qualifying premiers and above can participate in a bonus pool where 3% of the overall global sales each quarter are shared.  In summary, it looks like a very solid opportunity from both the retail of the product and business builders side.

So is Xango worth it or just a fraud?  Its overall a great company with a very solid compensation plan.

In the end though, as in any home business opportunity, your ultimate success in the Xango business has less to do with the exceptional products and generous commissions, and much more to do with how you market.  Effectively learning how to position yourself and your offer in front of those who are looking for what you have to offer.

Especially in this day and age, learning to leverage the power of the internet and exposing yourself and your opportunity to those all over the world is the quickest path to success, bar none.

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