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Xocai Business Review Is This MLM Opportunity All They Claim To Be?

by Kurt Henninger on

Xocai business any good?

Xocai business any good?

One of the more popular companies in the network marketing community is the Xocai business opportunity.  While there are many claims of a can’t miss opportunity, and a miracle product, what is the truth behind it and is the whole thing just a scam or is it legitmate?  That is what this review will focus on.

First, before we get into the xocai business itself, lets go into some information about the company.  According to their website at www.mxicorp.com it was founded by Andrew Brooks and Jeanette Brooks upon the principles of  ”transforming and improving lives through unique and healthy chocolate products”, while at the same time providing a business opportunity to others.

While this is a noble goal, what products does the Xocai business actually market.  As stated before, they provide healthy chocolate products, however, the range of which is quite wide, from the activ antioxidant drink, straight chocolate nuggets, a brand new Xe drink, to a probiotic square called Xobiotic.   All focused on taking advantage of the natural anti-oxidant and other nutritional benefits of chocolate.

So is it possible to really earn money in the xocai business opportunity?  On their website they talk about the basis of it as achieving the rank of Royal and helping others get to that same royal rank.  There are a total of 7 ways to earn money with the program, to include: a retail bonus, a quick check bonus, a royal maker bonus, an infinity bonus, executive generation bonus, a leadership pool bonus, and an expansion center bonus.  Overall, it look like a lucrative, yet fairly standard network marketing compensation plan.

So is the xocai business a scam, or a legitimate opportunity?  Absolutely a rock solid company with a great, unique product and good compensation plan.

However, as with any other MLM opportunity, your eventual success in the Xocai business is not determined by how great the company is, nor how unique and beneficial its product, but your marketing and how you conduct it in your business.

Particularly in todays day and age, learning how to leverage the power of the internet to reach targeted customers and generate leads from people who are already looking specifically for what you have to offer.  Learn to generate lead with things like pay per click marketing, article or video marketing will greatly improve your chance of success.

If you’d like to learn more about building your Xocai business online, simply fill out the form below with your name and email and get access to 7 free days of cutting edge network marketing training to help you grow your business and get tons of MLM leads for free.

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