Youngevity Review

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The Youngevity MLM Opportunity Review

As many MLM companies today involved in the health and wellness industry have been rebuffed by the US Food and Drug Administration for making false health claims with regards to the benefits that their products provide, it’s a very rare distinction for Youngevity to be the only MLM company to petition the agency successfully in establishing the Qualified Health Claims for Selenium, a mineral that they use as an ingredient for their products.


Youngevity Review


Youngevity Review

Youngevity Review

Why is this important? Because the founder of Youngevity,     Dr. Joel Wallach is a Naturopathic Physician that advocates the use of minerals and the health benefits they can provide, especially with Selenium where he has done vast research and written numerous papers about the mineral. Today, Dr. Wallach devotes a bulk of his time to lecturing around the world about his research and findings and is fondly referred to as the Mineral Doctor and the Father of Liquid Mineral Supplementation in honor of his research success.

This level of dedication is reflected on Youngevity as a company that offers high quality nutrition and health products that truly offers effective health benefits.

Youngevity was established in 1997 in San Diego, California with the aid of Dr. Ma Lan. Then known as American Youngevity, the company quickly set itself apart by formulating and manufacturing products that have credible health claim using liquid mineral supplements. Backed by a Medical Advisory Board consisting of some of the renowned names in medicine, health, science, and nutrition, Youngevity has been able to build a solid customer base that has full confidence in the products that they offer.

Youngevity Products


In more than a decade, Youngevity has been able to grow and expand their product lineups. Aside from their flagship Youngevity brand, which today has included home and garden care, pet nutrition, and Healthy Chocolate products, Youngevity has included several other brand divisions, like Suzanne, PureWorks, Isola Luce, Supralife, ProJoba, and R-Garden, to have  a collection of more than 400 offerings. As the company is fully confident in their products, and gives great value to their customer’s satisfaction, all of them come with a 30 day risk-free guarantee or you get your money back.

Operating in more than 50 countries, Youngevity offers a highly viable business opportunity for anybody around the world. From the onset, Youngevity has applied the MLM business structure to promote and sell their products. Calling their independent sales distributors as Youngevity Associates, the company claims to have one of the most generous compensation plans available today. Also, as a Youngevity Associate you have access to topnotch customer support which provides online service anytime of the day, reliable shipping and delivery of orders, and a system program which generates instant compensation transaction which you can access for monitoring, maintaining, and managing your account.

To become a Youngevity Associate, you will have to let the Associate who informed you or sold you the Youngevity products of your intention to become a part of the network. The Associate will then process your application and get you your Youngevity ID number. Then, when you receive your ID number all you have to do is go to the official Youngevity website to open your account and start your virtual office, it’s that simple. You get a free website and some back office tools to help you in your online marketing campaign as well as have the option to avail of the comprehensive online marketing subscription plans if you don’t have much experience in the online market yet.

Youngevity Compensation Plan


The Youngevity compensation plan, which is referred by the company as the Stairway to Success compensation plan, is based on a unilevel structure. Here you basically have two ways to generate income, by selling Youngevity products and by recruiting others to become Associates and part of your network organization. Your retail profits and your new members will represent your immediate income; future sales of your downline will compose your residual income as you will get commission from their sales volume. Youngevity offers different types of commissions and bonuses for Associates that meet certain qualifications. The amont of commission that you can get will depend on the level that you are currently in and with their structure, there are 9 levels that can be achieved.

So, is there a Youngevity Scam?

No, rather its a very solid and well thought of company, and stands tall among all mlm businesses that are out there.

However, despite the solid company, ultimately, success comes from what you do, and your success with your own marketing.  Targeted marketing will ultimately get your offer in front of those prospects who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

If you can combine this with and leverage the reach of the internet and the millions of potential prospects that are out there, no doubt you will be succesful.

If you’d like to learn more about generating leads online and targeted marketing, simply fill out the form below with your name and email address right now to get 7 free days of cutting edge internet mlm training to help you generate upwards of 30+ free leads per day.


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