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Zavita Business Opportunity Review What Is Really Going On Here?

by Kurt Henninger on

Is the Zavita business worth it?

Is the Zavita business worth it?

If you’ve been around a little bit in network marketing you seen the attention that the Zavita business has drawn from all over the community. But what is truth behind all of the pipe and is this really a worthwhile business?

Okay, so let’s lose lets dig into the Zavita business.  The company itself was founded by Lee Causey and Nigel Branston in launched in February 2007 with its worldwide headquarters located in Carrollton Texas with its website of

The Zavita business self stated mission, as indicated on the website,  is to” inspire millions of people to transform their lives into a life they love living.”

While this is a noble mission, what kinds of products is does zavita business actually market? The products is itself a juice concoction, however it does appear to have its own unique take on what it is made of.

The company claims they used a legendary rest known as “Elixa-de-vita” which was perfected by Amazon tribal healers and they themselves brought it to general consumption for the world in the form of Zavita juice.

Some of the benefits claimed by Zavita are improved health and wellness a strengthening of the immune system, reduction in pain and joint inflammatio,n and increased longevity.  So it appears that another super juice has entered the industry and cast its own dice to see if it will be successful.

But what about the Zavita business opportunity?  In 2008 the company introduced a weekly pay feature into their compensation plan. On their website they do talk a lot about this being the right company and right on to get into this business, but as many of you know that is a lot of hype and rhetoric that many network marketing companies use in their advertising.

Zavita does include five different ways to earn money, to include: retail sales, fast start bonus, team commissions, executive check matching, and multiple business centers.   So, this appears to be pretty standard network marketing compensation plan.

So, is this the Zavita business everything it says that they claim? It does  indeed appear to have a good solid product, and combine that with age industry-standard network marketing compensation.

However, anyone’s true success with Zavita is really dictated by their own individual efforts, and has nothing to do with how wonderful the company product is or how ground breaking the company claims it’s compensation is.

Success in the Zavita, as in any other MLM opportunity, has to do with how the products and opportunity are marketed. Truly finding were people who were looking for the  specific benefits that the zavita business has to offer are going to be keys to your success.

Learning how to market your Zavita business online is absolutely imperative in today’s market. Using the leverage that’s the Internet provides and the reach you can achieve with it or will be the quickest way to your success and that is what I recommend you start to learn how to do today.

If you like to learn more about growing your Zavita business online, simply fill out the form below with your name and e-mail address to get access to seven free days of cutting edge network marketing three that will help you grow your business and get tons of network marketing leads for for.

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Suresh Agrawal March 4, 2012 at 1:20 am

I am from Pune ,Inida,and would like
to promote ZAVITA under MLM scheme..
Pl.tell me how should I go about it.



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