Empower Network Launch Set For 6 June 2012

by Kurt on

Empower Network Launch Officially on 6 June.

empower network launchThe Empower Network launch is set to officially launch to the world as its own company 6 June 2012, as part of a celebration of it’s accomplishments.

As announced on PR Web,

“Looking into the bright future ahead, the official Empower Network launch event will act as a catalyst into gaining massive momentum and is sure to deliver ‘life-changing’ information. Do not miss or lose out on the opportunity to be live and present to absorb everything come June 8th-10th in Atlanta, GA at the OMNI Hotel.”

Now with all of that said, and not getting too much into WHAT empower network really is, the question is, does it really matter?

I’ll be honest, the “viral marketing” system they have has been one of the most curious things to see in the last couple of months in MLM.

Originally touted as a viral blogging system, they also have an educational system on the back end, as part of it as well, and now, with the announcement that they will officially launch as a company, and as it reads in the press release, what is the deal with it?

From my own standpoint, I’ve never joined Empower, been a member, or anything, and as I see it…..the system really caters to those who work and concentrate in online MLM.

Certainly, the appeal of instant 100% commissions is alluring, and one of the main selling points is that you can use it as a platform to market any aspect of your business, whether it is the opportunity, or products, or whatever…..there is absolutely a certain truth to that.

However, the there is little truth to “blogging, sharing, and making money”, as there is a lot more to online marketing than that, truth be told.

One the flip side, one of the falicies that many will not talk about in online MLM is that when you launch your own site…..it will absolutely take a while to get traffic to it, as it has little “authority” so to speak, and this can take quite a fair amount of time….so there is a valid argument to getting in on this empower network launch.

Undecided here.

What do you think about it?

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