Carbon Copy Pro Review

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Carbon Copy Pro Review


One of the most talked about MLM Systems and communities out there right now is Carbon Copy Pro.  Starting an online business may be the most affordable and highly viable option today for people without much capital or knowledge about business, it’s also a good source for information and tools that can help a budding entrepreneur, but by no means is it going to be easy to succeed. In fact, with millions of online businesses being set up around the world annually, from home based businesses to large corporations, building a profitable online business may mean having to spend for marketing and for advertising, and even then there is no assurance or guarantees. The online market is a highly competitive environment even for the most particular niches, and without a good marketing system, it’s easy to get buried by all the others, for this reason, Carbon Copy Pro has been the subject of many online marketing and MLM discussions.
Carbon Copy Pro has been making the rounds in the online community for quite a while now, more particularly in the network marketing, multi-level marketing, and affiliate marketing circles. A lot of web sites and blog sites, as well as social networking accounts are in one way or another associated with Carbon Copy Pro or at the very least, have some form of opinion about it. Basically, Carbon Copy Pro is a turnkey marketing system for online business owners to apply to their businesses. This is highly beneficial for entrepreneurs who do not have much experience in the online market, or for those who are struggling to make their existing online business succeed.

Developed by Jay Kubassek in collaboration with Aaron Parkinson, Carbon Copy Pro was the product of the combined years of experience and expertise of these two internet marketers to which they spent several months in 2007 throwing ideas around and eventually coming up with the final product. The result was a marketing system that eliminated the perils and pitfalls that are commonly experienced by online entrepreneurs and internet marketers and also remove many of the marketing tasks from the owner. The system was also able to do many of the essential goals of an online business, which is lead generation, and remarkably, it also provides a surefire guide as to how to turn those leads into profits and the service of experienced sales closers to help out the members of their network.

Reception to Carbon Copy Pro was huge. When they launched the system in 2007 via a package they called Business in a Box or BIB, which

Carbon Copy Pro Review

Carbon Copy Pro

was essentially a kit for people who are serious about building wealth through an online business, they affiliated with Wealth master International, a financial services company, which on the first month alone, a surge in sales was recorded due to the system and the people who were using them. Since then, Carbon Copy Pro became an established system used by online entrepreneurs that needed serious help for their businesses. It also became a good source of income for their members who applied what they have learned to promoting the system and selling them to others as well as recruiting new members to join them.

Because Carbon Copy Pro is online in nature, although it is also highly effective for offline businesses, it quickly spread throughout the globe and today, its network of members come almost 200 countries where despite the different culture and languages, have grown to become one big cohesive unit supporting one another exchanging their thoughts and wisdom to extend help to a fellow member.

Aside from that, the company also provides periodical and regular trainings and seminars to keep their members updated and continually develop their skills. They also provide support tools and materials to their members to give them an edge that they can instantly use and implement.

Is There A Carbon Copy Pro Scam?

No, not at all.  It’s one of the most respected communities out there online in the home business industry.  While it was originally used as a front for the high tier home business opportunity wealth masters international, it has grown beyond that and refers to itself as more generic in nature and supports different MLM business opportunities.

However, the core of this community and system is its marketing, particularly on the internet.  Learning to utilize such tings as search engines, video, direct response marketing, and other strategies for attracting leads.

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I am starting a new MLM business with manufactured products which my company supplies companies in the USA, EU and south Americas. I want to find out new evenues to sell my products hence my research into MLM.

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