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AmbitCast 2012 Top energy retailer Ambit Energy made significant announcements during the company’s yearly simulcast event. The AmbitCast2012 this weekend featured the provider’s future plans for massive expansion in the natural gas and electric power sectors into new territories. These include Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania – areas currently served by others industry […]

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Ambit Energy Grew 65% In 2011

Ambit Energy 2011 A national retail energy provider called Ambit Energy, announced today that their company ended 2011 with an increase of 250,000 customers for the year. They now have over 700,000 customers.   “We are extremely fortunate to have so many new people discover and appreciate the value of Ambit Energy,” said Ambit Energy […]

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Ambit Energy Review

One of the more interesting MLM opportunities around right now is known as Ambit Energy, as they are in both a competitive market and provide a really unique product line for their distributors.  This Ambit Energy review will focus on three things, the company, the products, and the compensation plan. So what about the Ambit […]

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