Avon Cody $10 Billion Deal Rejected

Avon Cody Deal Rejected In one of the more interesting developments recently in the Direct Selling niche, Avon was recently offered roughly $10 billion dollars from Cody Inc. for an outright purchase of the venerable 125 year old company, effectively making the Avon Cody deal dead for now. This offer lead to a 19% rise […]

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Avon 2011 And 4th Quarter Earnings Report

Avon 2011 And 4th Quarter Earnings Report Recently, Avon, the one of the absolute biggest MLM Companies internationally reported their 4th quarter 2011, and full 2011 earnings. For the 4th quarter itself, revenue was at roughly $3 Billion , which was a 4% decrease.  Associated with that decrease was a decrease in total unit sales, […]

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Avon Review

The Avon Review: An MLM Opportunity with More than a Century of History Not many multi-level companies today can boast of having a history that’s built on a hundred and a quarter years of existence. Avon is a global brand that grabs instant recognition and its more than a century old operation can be seen […]

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