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Social Networking, and particularly Faceook  has received a lot of attention in the recent past, particularly as it applies with how many internet network marketers run their businesses. However, the vast majority of those in MLM utilizing social networking sites do it entirely incorrectly.

Some of the biggest social networking sites across the internet are Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. Those three sites are all in the top 10 worldwide in terms of daily internet traffic. No wonder many network marketers and home business owners have decided to bring their recruiting and business online at these kinds of web 2.0 sites.

As mentioned above, the vast majority of MLMers approach their business in entirely the wrong way. Just open up your inbox from any of those sites and you will be bombarded with countless spam advertisement with people trying to entice you to try their latest product or join them in their MLM or network marketing business. It is unfortunate that people waste their time and effort on such pointless promotion.

Lets be honest here, no one wants to read more pointless promotional emails. Such pointless spamming about your products or business are very old school methods of Network Marketing. What we need to focus on are the methods of new school network marketing and promotion.

The real secret to these social networking sites lies in the term, networking. That is what those sites are all about. Meeting people, connecting with them and actually interacting with them. Forming relationships and getting to know people on there is the key to successfully using web 2.0 sites for network marketing.

By interacting and getting to know people and providing value to those people in terms of knowledge or solving a problem of theirs, that is how to truly utilize the Internets most popular social sites.

One must always focus on interaction, networking, and providing assistance to others if needed in order to effectively utilize the power and true leverage of these sites. Many people forget these are networking sites. Instead they focus on what they have to offer, not what people they interact with want.

Only when people get to know you, and build a certain level of trust with you, will they be willing to hear what you have to say and be receptive to what you have to offer. So, leave the spam in the can. Go to social networking sites and focus on getting to know people and provide true value to them. You will see your social network marketing efforts bear huge fruit and multiply then.

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