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 "Discover How A Broke Ex-Army Grunt From Denver Colorado Grew His Prospect List For His MLM Business By 30+ New FREE Leads Per Day All From The Internet"

  Inside You'll Discover The Exact Secret Formula I Used To Generate 30+ Free Targeted Leads Per Day For My Network Marketing Business, 100% Rejection Free, Using Only These 4 Little Known, Yet Deadly Effective, Internet Strategies And 3 Simple Ways To Profit In My Business Regardless If People Joined Me In My Downline Or Bought Any Of My "Stuff"......And How You Can Too!

From: The Home Office Desk Of Kurt Henninger
Monday 8:58PM

      Dear Fellow Network Marketer,                                                                                   

      I've got a couple questions for you, and be honest with yourself here when you answer them.  

      Have you ever:

                             #1 Spent hundreds of dollars buying "red hot, super responsive, double opt-in leads" from lead companies, only to find that these deadbeats didn't even want to be contacted?

                            #2 Completely run out of your "warm market" to talk to about your business opporutnity or product, and the best advice your upline can give you is "Go over your list again", or "Go hang out at the coffee shop"?

                            #3  Bought flyers and passed them out at the local mall, wasting hours and alot of money?

                            #4 Purchased advertisements in local newspapers, magazines and joined expensive networking groups all in an effort to try and get leads for your business?

                      #5 Tried expensive online Pay-Per-Click advertising only to learn that you were spending around $7 for every lead you got and spending yourself out of house and home just trying to "build your business"?

                      #6 Just completely run out of people to expose your product or opportunity to and about to throw in the towel becaue you just aren't good at "selling"?

If you would like to learn how to generate 20-30 completely free leads per day for your home business, even if your're tired, broke and desperately needing extra cash, all from the internet completely on auto-pilot, then.......

This could very well be the most important message you've ever read

Kurt Henninger My Name is Kurt Henninger and I'm a home business entrepreneur, just like you.

Now I didn't start off wanting to be a full-time networker, but I did have a dream of making it big.  I did ALL kinds of things just to get leads for my business and get it to was unreal.

In fact, I've joined tons of programs out there that promised to  "get you leads" or "guaranteed traffic" or "10,000 leads for $1.

It can be damn hard just to get anyone to even listen to you about your business or product, and it can drive you nuts or even almost broke just trying to buy leads, flyers, and hosting "meetings".

I know this, because at one point I had lost thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of my time trying out reach and everyone of these things, yep, its completely true, I got 100% suckered.

Here is the god's honest truth.

If you want to get leads and people to talk to about your home business, it's gonna take a little work and elbow grease.  It's not complicated, in fact, it is dead simple once you know how to do it, but therin lies the problem for most people.

But here is a little bit more about me.

I was spending money on trying to get leads for my business like a parched man who was desperate for water

Absolutely true.

I'd been in my business for around 6 months and I'd already spent thousands of dollars to trying to get leads just about everywhere, with very little to show for it.

I was trying all I could do, just to get leads for my business, and not getting ANYONE to listen to what I had to say at all.   Friends and family?  Please......they were all watching me, just to see me fail at this, let alone buy anything from me or join me in my latest "business opportunity"

I looked for and found what I thought was a great local magazine.  I even went to their advertising representative and quizzed her on the magazine. 

WOW!  You mean I could put an ad in their magazine and get a spot on their website for a full year????  I was in!  $521.38 later and one year later, no calls from my ad, not one inquiry from the website.

Next was a custom design flyer that I would hand out.  Another $251 down the drain and ZERO results.

I even went and bought leads, not just any leads, but "Double Opt-In, Super Hot Exclusive Leads", (or so the company said).  $175 dollars and not one STINKING bite of interest.

Finally, I had heard of the "internet thing" and how easy it wasa to get leads online.  I tried my hand at pay-per-click advertising on places like Google Adwords, shelled out $618 and didn't get one sale, or even a measily lead for my business.

The truth is, I had run out of money, to the tune of $30K in credit card debt, and was pretty desperate to get my "business empire" going.  I'll admit it was pretty rough when you spend thousands more trying to grow your business than you actually make.

I was running out of time and money, and people to talk to about my business, and I needed to start succeeding.....and fast

Then, one day, while I was scouring the internet for answers, I discovered an almost secret way of generating free leads online after watching a video from a very sharp marketer from Washington D.C.

Finally I had come accross something that might even work!  But here is the thing.  It was THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what my "old school" upline was telling me.  "Home businesses were all about relationships, and you can never build a business online Kurt" was a common refrain from them.

It was an almost stupid simple technique that is free, created leads online, you do it and it generates leads for your business for years to come.

I started getting 20-30 free leads a day online for my business just by spending 30 minutes a day

Case Study My "Free Leads From the Internet" Breakthrough Day

One Day Of Free Leads

(Actual Screen Shot From Lead Database)

All Without Spending A Dime On Advertising

I was absolutely speechless.

I used to spend thousands of dollars and tons of hours trying to get people interested in anything I had.

Now I was generating free leads for my business, spending less time each day and doing it and actually making money.

The results?

Phew, I was able to relax and actually enjoy my business.

An immediate halt to money pouring out of my pocket, and instead into it.

The law of averages turned in my favor and people started contacting me, a non-guru, about buying from me or joining me in my business.

What is this little secret?  Just writing content and distributing it all over the place online.  Nothing more complicated than that.

I recently put ALL of this information into an easy to read, step-by-step no B.S. manual called "Simple MLM Lead Formula"

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Here is just a small taste of what you'll see inside

Module 1 - 30+ Free Leads Per Day From The Internet

  • How To Leech Off Other Major Websites For Free, and How To Start Getting Leads And Traffic In 5 Minutes Or Less.
  • Exactly where you should begin your marketing online so you get the maximum number of leads and can do this over and over without even thinking about it.
  • The one dead stupid simple thing you should do to start getting leads online that is ignored by most, but will get you the maximum amount of leads with the minimum amount of effort.
  • A step-by-step 30 minute daily checklist with the exact method used to produce the results above, so you can immediately jump in and know exactly what to do.
  • What one thing to include in your free advertising that 99% of MLM'ers miss, which will double the amount of leads you get for free.
  • Exactly the best way to get yourself in front of the most targeted prospects, and how its like a bear getting himself in front of a salmon run.
  • Learn the 5 (ok 6 actually) spots where you should be submitting your content so you can maximum your effectiveness and minimize the amount of time involved.
  • A Bizarre, yet effective secret that lets you produce content that attracts leads, all without even touching your keyboard (Its perfect for those who hate to write)
  • One secret way to scale your marketing and get your information in front of hundreds of websites, all without any extra effort.  Let's face it, we all want more leads for less effort for our business.  
  • How to create the best lead attracting content, so that you hit the "sweet spot" of online marketing, so you won't be dealing with ANY competition, yet still generate 100's of lead per month.
  • Learn how to get leads and traffic from not one, but three ways, simply by "putting your content out there" in specific spots.

Module 2 - Online Rock Star Formula

  • How to really use free sites like YouTube where you can place simple videos which will get you in front of 100 million eyeballs each day generating you free leads forever for doing work just one.
  • What the biggest mistake is that people continually do in videos, how to avoid it,and literally double the amount of leads you get for the same effort
  • Two simple ways to literally do work once with your videos, and get them spread out to dozens of other video sharing sites, all without doing ANY extra work so you can maximize your time and the number of leads at the same time.
  • Learn to get in front of 10 billion monthly viewers of video online each month, and how to turn those views into leads
  • Learn exactly how to get your videos in the top 10 rankings in google, all in hours or days.
  • What one little thing to say to people watching your video which is guaranteed to double the amount of leads you get from your viewers.
  • Discover two bizarre, and little known ways to get traffic and views of your videos, from places other than the search engines.

Module 3 - "Get Your Ugly Mugg Out There" Formula

  • Learn why getting your "Ugly Mug" out there online will instantly position you as an expert in whatever field you are in.
  • Learn why if you don't your "ugly mugg" out there with your own blog, your missing out on tons of traffic and free leads, plus people looking up to you as an expert.
  • A proven way to come up with fresh ideas on what to write about on your blog that is guaranteed to "get you in front of" what people are interested in.
  • Learn exactly what to do on your blog to make it the most attractive to search engines so you can instantly start attracting free leads
  • The exact place to go to quickly and easily have your own blog set up for you, literally at the touch of a button, so you don't have to learn any complex computer junk.
  • Learn two simple, yet completely under-utilized ways to "on page tricks" that convince the search engines to liking any particular blog post of yours...and reward it with even more free traffic and leads.

Module 4 - Secret "Google Candy" Formula For Free Traffic and Leads From Search Engines

  • Learn how to easily make your website look to the  search engines as a hungry kid with a sweet tooth does to the cookie jar on the fridge, and get as much free traffic and leads from places like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, saving you thousands of dollars per month and getting you in front of more people where you could NEVER afford to advertise.
  • How to find the exact, best people who are most interested in joining you in your business, and how YOU can get in front of their eyeballs first using completely free tactics.
  • Why most "MLM Goo-roos" are wrong about using expensive pay-per-click advertising first, and why you should focus on these simple tactics to get your "snowball" of profits going.
  • Learn one little known "trick" to making your content "yummy" to search engines, which is literally as easy as pushing a button and letting the system do the work for you.
  • How to be like a "swami" and literally read your prospects minds having them tell you exactly what they are looking for so all guesswork on how to get your website in front of them is virtually eliminated.
  • Learn 10 stupid easy ways to jump start getting thousands of visitors from the search engines to your blog, even if you are just starting your blog.
  • How to put one little secret "plug and play" download onto your blog, that virtually 99% of other network marketers who even have blogs neglect to include, which makes it 10X easier to target the exact kind of searchers you are looking for.

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Module #1 Case Study

This little piece of content I created one day took me 15 minutes to create....and to this day still gets me 20 targeted visitors per day without me touching it.  Not just any visitors, but ones who are already interested in learning more about how grow a network marketing business.  I lay out the complete formula in module #1 so you follow my exact step-by-step plan.

Module #3 Case Study


Do You Think People Are Looking On How To Get Network Marketing Prospects?  Those Are The Best Kind Of Business Builders To Attract To You And Form Partnerships With.  Here Is One Of My Blog Posts, The #1 Listing Out of 2.3 Milllion Other Sites That People See When They Search For This On Google.  All Laid Out So You Can Easily Replicate What I Did With Exactly How I Did It So You Don't Even Need To Think About It

Module #4 Case Study

Yep, thats my website at #1 for this word on Google.  If I were paying for this, I'd have to pay $11.16 PER Click to get in the top position.  I get free traffic all day long now from it.  You could get these results from my Google Candy formula as well if you apply what you learn.

The problem that the Simple MLM Lead Formula will solve for you is simple.  The easiest path to success is to simply copy someone who has done what you already want to.  Simply copy my tactics to get free, targeted MLM leads for life.

If you want to learn the hard way, be my guest and keep pouring $$ into expensive PPC advertising, buying opportunity leads, or handing out flyers at the mall, begging ANYONE for just a look at what you have to offer.

But here is your solution for getting free leads from the internetin a very simple manner, served up on a silver platter for you, all ready for you to take.

But Wait, You'll Also Get This With Your "Simple MLM Lead Formula"

Along with your blueprint I’ve found that there a few additional areas that greatly enhance your ability to create free leads on demand faster, easier, and with little to no out of pocket expense.

     So, for a limited time only, with your blueprint I’ll be including the following “insider secrets” internet lead master training enhancements as instant online access trainings to jumpstart your business.

Simple MLM Lead Formula Bonus #1
"Your Own Lego Blocks Simple Home Business Marketing System"
($67 value)

  • A simple step-by step tutorial on how to set-up your own home business cash pumping marketing system so you can churn out profits and leads in your sleep
  • An easy formula on what to spoon feed your prospects, so they will leap from your website into your system as a lead begging for more
  • The real secret behind automatic wealth creation in the home business industry, and its not peddling your $10 magic potion.
  • What two simple things you MUST HAVE, that even 95% of those online don't, what it is and how to get it

Simple MLM Lead Formula Bonus #2
"3 Stupid Simple Ways To Make Money From Those Who Say "No" To Your Product Or Business Opportunity"
($97 value)

Here is a little known fact.  Most home business millionares make most of their money "sitting on their can".

They simply send little "messages" out there and when these "Nay Sayers" get the other guys stuff, they get cash in hand right now.-- be it $50, $500, or sometimes $5,000 or MORE!
  • Video tutorial on how to put together your own personalized "check" getting online sytem
  • A tricky techinque on how to put the "squeeze" on other supposed "MLM Guru's" so they are working for YOU and earning you $$
  • Exactly where and how to find other profit magnetics you can automatically plug into your business, so you can exponentially increase your "now' profits immediately
  • A stupid simple way that will earn you money automatically, its as easy as throwing a baseball against a barn.  If you can do that, you will make quick cash with this.
  •  Step-by-step checklist on how to put together your profit machine, whether you are recruiting business partners, or marketing your product, so you can make money, "whether anyone buys directly from your or not"
  • A "dirty little website" that 95% of those online never take full advantage of.  Your gonna learn exactly what it is, and how to use it to grow your profits 3x.

Simple MLM Lead Formula Bonus #3
"25.9% More Leads In 5 Minutes Formula"
($29 value)

  • Learn how to use this one little technique that can get your 25.9% more leads with the same amount of traffic and only takes 5 minutes to do.
  • If you apply this one little technique you will automatically increase profits, even if you do NOTHING else.

Internet Lead Mastery Formula Bonus  #4
"Done For You Lead Capture Website"
($97 value)

  • One of the biggest challenges most face is actually getting their own website up and running.  Your gonna be handed a proven, tested website specifically designed to produce leads for people interested in learning more about how to build a business
  • Available for your instant download and use for yourself on your own website so that you can start generating business opportunity leads immediately

So what is this all gonna cost?

You can see above that the entire value of this package is $376,  and I've personally been told to charge WAY more for it than I plan on it.  And this doesn't even include the money and leads you'll be getting once you implement the tactics taught in this course.

But for now, you can go grab your insider access to this training, along with the 5 exclusive bonuses mentioned above for only a one time access of $7.  Yes $7 measly dollars.

Plus, you get a special, 30-day "no-risk" guarantee


My 2X - 30 Day "Can't Lose" Guarantees

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If in the next 30 days if you don't start generating at least 5-10 free leads per day ... if you don't make more money in your first 30days of using this manual than you have the past 12 months...

If you impletment just one of the tactics revealed in Simple MLM Lead Formula and you don't get at least 10X the amount paid for this course, 

I'll give you a 100% refund of your investment.....AND

You Can Keep The "Simple MLM Lead Formula" Just For Your Trouble!

Thats How Confident I Am That You Will Benefit From This Product

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This means you have absolutely zero risk.

To be honest, this puts all the risk ON ME, not you.  Simply try this out for 30 days, and if you like it, keep using it for lifetime access along with upgrades I'll be posting.

If not, just send me a simple email or call in 30 days and you'll get your $$ back ASAP.

Just think about it though, for the price of buying just 1 "opportunity lead" from a lead company, or generating 1 or so leads with expensive pay-per-click advertising, you will learn how to generate hundreds if not thousands of leads for free forever.

I've literally spent $1000s of dollars, including $1300 on one course alone, just to learn this information, you are getting $197 in value here, plus an additional $300 in bonuses.

But, I'm not asking you to pay anywhere near that much money

Anyway,  you will get the Simple MLM Lead Formula downloadable Report for just $7 if you act today.

But really, the price doesn't matter.

Why am I offering this for such a low price?  Its simple, I want to give as much value to you as I can so that the taste you get here will make you want more of the home business success products and systems I have to offer.

To get immediate access to this cutting edge training, simply click on the "Add to cart" button below and then follow the simple instructions.

But You Have To Act Fast!!

Honestly, I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be able to afford offering this for such a low price.  

I was told that I should be selling this for $197, or even more, and that was the original plan. And yes I'm aware that everybody and their brother is out there peddling their low cost garbage out there.  Quite frankly, this offer is simply a marketing test and I plan on pulling this price very soon. (I'd be stupid to leave it this cheap)

Now It’s Decision Time My Friend

You've seen how this simple product and process can completely transform the way that you get leads for your business.  

It could mean the difference between getting free leads forever from the internet, and actually building a real business, or sticking with your home parties and passing out flyers at Wal-Mart and sticking with what hasn't worked in the past for you.

You already know what its like to spend lots of time and money and not have ANY reward for it.

Its your decision to make.

Yes! Kurt I'm dead tired of learning antiquated techinques of prospecting at malls and coffee shops that worked 50 years ago, but never worked for the average network marketer and pale in comparison to what is being taught by today's most successful network marketers, all for 7 stinkin dollars.

I want to:

  • Learn How To Generate 30+ Leads Per Day For Free From The Internet So I Don't Have To Hand Out Flyers Or Harass "Uncle Ralph" Again.
  • Discover How To Profit In My Business Regardless If People Join Me Or Buy My Stuff.

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Kurt Henninger

Kurt Henninger

 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

If your not completely blown away by with this, training, all you have to do is send a simple email back within 30 days and you will get a complete, unconditional, no hassle, no questions asked, no B.S.  refund.

P.P.S. One last thing, and its important. I would move quickly on this offer for all this for only $7, as I will be raising the price very soon.  Not only would you miss out on this outrageous price, but you'd miss out on how to be on the exact cutting edge of how to generate free leads from the internet for your business.  

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Legal Disclaimer: Of course I can't promise or guarantee that you will make any certain amount of income. Results will vary based on action. Every effort has been made to accurately convey the free informational aids found on this letter, but based on the results of myself and others there is more than a good chance that you will be very happy with your results.
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